Author: moto

  • Draft of How we Speak Every Language in One Part 1; HUI HUI

    From outside a lion’s territory the sound is traveling toward the lion. I do this to raise money, so please consider giving what you can. Thank you Say KA and you must say H, so the sound KA is a 2 that is a three in understanding. Since TRUTH is in understanding, KA is three…

  • Prologue Part I

    This PRÔŁØGŪĒ is an argument about why the sound and not the name ŽĒ ŽĒ MÔTÔ that I am being to express these sounds must be awarded the Last Noble Prize that is issued by the court of public opinion, and not an organization that excludes common sense.

  • Drawing the Face of God

    Drawing the face of GOD with Sound Reasoning

  • Chapter 1, THE NINTH

    DEAR READER, This web page is about humanity’s very own language called THĒ ŃÍŃTH. A universal language caused from the inside of matter. We cause it as we go aboutthebusiness called LÍ FĒ, a sound that literally draws what the words OTHER WORD draws, except the OTHER that is FĒ being the ŁÍ that is…

  • Protected: Why I Deserve the Last Nobel Prize

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.