Drawing the Face of God

  1. Dear Reader allow me to show you the Face of GOD with the sounds he is causing.
  2. Dear Reader, I have DIFFICULTY GRASPING the wisdom in my fleshing being caused by GOD, that I express. 
  3. There is reason what I express is chaotic and that reason is for the reader to use what is in the reader to understand what is in me that is in the reader that what I say was already in you.
  4. There is no thing I express here that no one does not already know, and therefore I will not to be credited with what is on these pages since it comes from all of us the same and I am just an observer as much as you the reader are.
  5. What are the odds that a person names a child and that child’s name comes to be the shape of what that child is known for?
  6. What are the odds that a person names a place and that name  they fabricated in order to hide the truth of the true founder is in the true founder’s language saying what the true founder intended in founding that place.
  7. We all know the RENAISSANCE and we all know RENÉ DES CARTES and we all know the CARTESIAN reinvention he is known for.
  8. We all know that MAPS in FRENCH is CARTES of maps is DES CARTES. We also know reinvention is a rebirth and RENAISSANCE is REBIRTH as a REINVENTION.
  9. We have all known that A new discipline implies a NEW JARGON and a NEW JARGON implies a NEW LANGUAGE since what the DANISH call KVINDE the BULU call CARPENTER and what the BULU call WOMAN is FOURTH, and the ENTRANCES of LIGHT.
  11. Remember, there is the LIGHT that is ŃÂ that we shine when we show the way. SO the sound ŃÂ is the sound LIKE THIS as WELL
  12. So the sound FATHER is the sound ÎŚÂ where the sound LANGUAGE is TÔŃ since accent is what a language is to the language where the sound Language is TÔŃ. Hence the CONNOTATION with 1000.
  13. ÎŚA ŃĒW TÔŃ is, the sounds FATHER OF THE NEW LANGUAGE and what that sound is known for is a new JARGON since before the sound ÎŚA ŃĒW TÔŃ the sound PHŸŠÎČŚ is only in the sound PHYSICAL and what the sound PHŸŠÎČŚ is about is EXCLUSIVELY about what is PHYSICAL so we really do not need a new sound to describe anything in the body of wisdom called PHŸŠÎČŚ since it is about what is PHYSICAL.
  14. 14.We can then say that ISAC NEWTON  brought us nothing new and what he brought is  a way of ignoring how everyone sees the same thing and force everyone to see things his way.
  15. We can then say that the sound ISAC NEWTON is SYNONYMOUS to IGNORANCE
  16. 16.SO I write in this manner, otherwise my writing will be more chaotic than it is.
  17. I have an open channel that what causes matter in its infinity is casing me as I cause what I write. 
  18. I have Identified GOD TALKING in the MATTER that is me while I cause in me to express outside of me what my will is.,
  19. This PATTERN of SPEECH in WRITING a FORM FROM inside a natural pattern that is Î, is where Î,  SURFS or SINKS in what is being caused in MË.
  20. TÖ MË we  that are not me say ŸÖÜ since no one can see Í, there is not way to address MË to MË since even Í have never seen Í to know what Í is to Í where no other Í has been being ad who else is there that is or is not an Í, and WHAT else is there that is or is not a MË.
  21. DOES Í have a MĒŠÛRĒ  where in the sound MEASURE what we are talking about is the ŚÛRĒ portion of the MĒ sound that without what is ŚÛRĒ about MĒ, the MË That You ÛŃDĒR STAND to SËË is another Í who is the same Í where no other Í is whose name to every Í is ŃÂ.
  22. When we say ŃÂ we RAÍŠĒ TWÖ and ŁÔWĒR THRËË that are FÖÜR PLŪŚ the 1 that is of the TWÖ WË RÍŠĒ FRÔM as an indivisible 7th of a single 6 sided no thing that in it is 6 and in that 6 is no other but the same 6 hence the string you keep chasing is the end of the universe we have expanded to and not another kind of substance.
  23. Where the Universe ends is where jo other thing is but GOLD.
  24. We are at the equivalent of the bottom of an ocean of no other substance by 6.
  25. Outside of us there is a matter that has no other matter on the other side of it and it is crushing down on us and the world is becoming smaller each day as the matter that is not pristine is being converted to HELIUM from GOLD