Prologue Part I



A PŪŚH Cannot be WHĒRĒ the MÂTTĒR PŪŁŁÍŃG is WHÂT WHĒRĒ Ί, for the ŚÖÜŃD, and not the ŃÂMĒ ÏŠÂ to be a HÂŁŁÔWĒD ŃÂMĒ.

The way to cause the sound Ï is not feasible in nature. There can be no name that starts with the sound Ï that is something that nature causes since the sound Ï is the sound Î from where the sound Í is the sound Ì at the end of the sequence to cause the sound I that is Î Ï Í Ī Į Ì in that order. We cannot cause the sound I and not cause each letter not in the above sequence where it is relative to the other notes.

Matter is Being caused at the same number of layers in matter from where matter is on matter.

Where Matter is on matter, every thing but what is on all things there is of six sides where it is not one of two kinds of the kind all is from and going to without seams.

shares 1 side that nature causes is a HÂŁŁÔGĒŃ BÔDŸ at its core.

This PRÔŁØGŪĒ is an argument about why the sound and not the name ŽĒ ŽĒ MÔTÔ that I am being to express these sounds must be awarded the Last Noble Prize that is issued by the court of public opinion, and not an organization that excludes common sense.

I will prove by demonstration that GÔD EXISTS without a reasoning doubt.

The truth I express is in these writings, that what uses the sound ŚÇÍĒŃÇĒ to draw what it is in THE HUMAN awareness of nature that it has no sound to draw it since it was not cased here initially.

That matter that uses the sound ŚÇÍĒŃÇĒ to draw what it is is what humans have been looking for and calling it EXTRA TERRESTRIAL. It is in all actuality EXtra Universal since what is in this universe share the same 8 corners in the same ratio per kind about a single kind that shares the same ratio with every KIND of its kind.

To understand the ABOVE paragraph look at the RANGE of colors in the sequence RÔŸGÎBÎVĒ knowing that the sound R is the sound TĒ starting with the sound Ē twice such that the sound RÔŸGÎBÎVĒ is the sequence of 13 character notes that are ĒTĒTĒÔŸGÎBÎVĒ where ĒT Ē TĒ is ÔŸ GÎ BË and ÔŸGÎBË is ÎVĒ and all are Ë

not is what SATANISM is.

I will show that the RENAISSANCE marks their entry into this universe after they had been trying to have access to us for light years and that they began degenerating from there as the expansion that hey caused began going in the reverse direction.

In this PRÔŁÔGÛĒ, Î DË MÔÜŃT LÂŃGÛÂGĒ into STRÂTÂ of sound notes to show how WË ČÂÛŠĒ and not SPËÂK every language using the sounds in  the sequence that the Bible uses them to draw ACTS as they Relate to intention and will. I nearby show you the KEY to ALL of WISDOM so that no human being shall ever be enslaved again. I am an Illuminated BEING here show how to practice Egyptian HIEROGLYPHICS  as a way of living using BIBLE sounds, a practice called TÂ BÎBĒŁÂ Â JÎÂ. 

In exchange I expect you to gift me an amount of currency you earn by harvesting what you know by virtue of being born you, the way that I gift this wisdom that I found in the flesh that I AM.

When you do so you will receive 9 fold what you GIFT from the inside of you in terms of LITERALS to do more for others because the fruits you are giving to me you re growing the seeds with them you.

GIVE to ME FREELY knowing I will GIVE FREELY and have faith I AM NINTH of NINTH and you will receive a NINE TIMES NINE LIFT in ABILITY in the amount of work done in your GIFT to me

GIFT HERE and LIFT what you have that is for another that is stopping the wealth from flowing into you

It is only when the Gift is from the In side of the nature that we are that it multiplies in then who gives.

I will show how that language is teaching me as I interpret the nature about me with it. Matter Being caused from A NINTH ČÔRĒRŃHĒR is caused on the IN SIDE OF IT from within 8 corners that are from the outside of it’s most pure self where impurity can only be from outside as Intelligence is to wisdom in a body that needs educating.

I will demonstrate using Bible sounds that that in terms of language, Where Education is needed, things are either PRISTINE or TENDING TO BEING  PRISTINE.

Using language, I will show that the Universe is a ČÛBĒD ŚPÂÇĒ that SHIMMERS from 8   corners on a Ninth at the core of every 8 starting with an IN FINITE fourth.

I will demonstrate that Density is a matter of sound since distance is a matter of sound being understood 6 ways to where the matter is standing sound acting what it is doing known as MÍ TÔ ČÔ ŃTRŸ Â to mean YOU ARE IN  THE COUGH of ENTRY WITH.

The Pearly Gates into HÆVĒŃ is in living matter. So when you drink dead alcohol the thoughts are going the other way. When you eat dead matter your body grows the other way the way that when you consume dead wisdom your from inside natural abilities go the other way

DONATE with FAITH, knowing that what you GIFT has no DEBT Attached to it from where it is from  to where it is going.

What we gift cannot be enslaved. So where WHAT we GIFT is to COMBAT POVERTY it is to free the earth of slavery

 Î being the NINTH in All of Matter Am the TŸÎÑŸÂŁÂ’ÂŃĒ ÀŃĒ ŃA and not the  TŸÎÑŸÂŁÂŃ Ē MĒŃDÎMĒ ŸÔP who is the nimrod image of the one that is an act, and a noun and a being to be in the first place who is the one that is TŸÎÑŸĒŁÂ’ÂŃ Ē MĒŃDÎMĒ YÔP.

In these writings I will show you that in the first three verses of Genesis, there is the GENEALOGY of a living matter whose name is SOUND REASONING. 

That Living Matter has been being our cause and it is the cause of a living that is not matter on the other side of it, that is a kind of what we are on the other side of us.

I am the kind that SOMEONE HERE that GOES there voluntarily CAST over HERE to HIDE what I AM Over THERE. 

I AM is ÂŃ ÀBĒŁĒ no matter who that I AM IS and what that I AM IS.

An ILLUMINATI is what you are, and to reveal the unlimited wealth that you are , you you must donate what nature gifts you to do free of cost to you or another.

what I am being what you are is what we are as one cube, one body one spirit  in one universe. 

Here there is A being that came from a layer of the universe. 

The way that we look the same to what is not put together by what is us to what is not us in this universe, what is not from this universal matter that is here looks and thinks a single thought that is non of ours all together in the way it looks or acts. That is what is GOLD HERE.

The sound GOLD is the words DO YOU NOT SEE, ŃGÂ ÔŁÔ.

Look at the Book of Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 sound notes numbers 13, 14 and 15 that show us to cause the sound ŃG so that sound note numbers 13, 14,  15 of the book of Genesis spell the sound ŃG and of many harmonies about the same logical pattern ŃG is the sound WÎFĒ where the sounds notes numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are the sounds ŽÂMBĒ that is the sounds ŽÂMBĒ that is the sounds ŽÂ  and the sound MBĒ that of many harmonies about the same logical pattern are the sounds WHO WAS right before the sound  that is sound note number 12 in the book of Genesis that is the wound WITH.

 The only thing we share with extra universal beings is what our universes share in common to be universes in the same space that is what we know is GOLD. Each univers is in its kind of GOLD that has no value in each other since what is in the other is outside in the other.

The only universe a woman can become a man after being born a woman here is where her organs are hanging out and her innermost skin is what is the gold causing her heart to beat.

Matter from one universe cannot be taken into another without it growing there as it would have grown here.

So if you take matter from this universe into one of the six around us, since matter is paternal by virtue, you cause a kind of being there that has no MOTHER in the nature they are not that is natural non the less.

When that being reincarnates repeatedly losing what it has from outside that is common, it must keep enslaving what is there for what it cannot do to be there Unitl what it uses to enslave is what it has no more and all that it has there is what causes it to be the DAUGHTERS of MEN.

Another word for WÎFĒ is GŪŃ where the sound ŽÂ I WHO and the sound MBĒ is WŠ.

End Prologue Part I