Draft of How we Speak Every Language in One Part 1; HUI HUI

From outside a lion’s territory the sound is traveling toward the lion.

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  1. THE NINTH is the foundation of every language because it is the expression of wisdom. Its accents are the sequence of sounds Ē BÙŁÚ and books like the Bible and the TÂÔ are its instruction manuals.
  2. The Bible is TÂ BÎBĒŁÂ Â JÎÂ while the TÂÔ is the TÂÔŃĒVAŃA, a kind of ŸÉÔÂŃĒŃĒŚĒ, all saying the same thing in understanding sound notes, one way or another.
  3. All There BOOKS qnd words that are their titles say the LORD’s PRAYER in a way, and ASK questions to each other in ways, and hold answers of each other’s questions in ways
  4. Once you understand its sequence of notes and how they cause matter, you understand every sound because it is the language that sound speaks. Dear Reader, sound is alive its way, and I speak with it. Being cause of matter, sound has no such thing as death and each word has been being in pattern prior to being in matter. The Hebrew Bible is its written form of expression, so are the seven wonders and all works of legendary art .
  5. It is in understanding that sound notes are a chatter box that will not stop telling everything they have been through like a bird that would not stop tweeting.
  6. When people use sound to talk, they not only put intention in the sound to shape it, they include meaning based on a sequence of notes and a sequence being the smallest measurable entity can starts being at 3.
  7. It is when I was Three that I started being and that is when my Mother was, and my father was. Once my mother was and my father was, I was three that are 9 sevens coming to be as has been being from where I AM that I was not THREE.
  8. To be 3 as 9 sevens requires one to be within 8 that are 3 since being 3 implies being every three no matter the kind of three one is being. 2 kinds on either side of one voluminous one is 3 since the kind on eich side is unique, 2 kinds on either side of one voluminous one is 18 outside of 3 that are 5 since each facing is 3 coming to be 9 sevens.
  9. My ÎDÔŁ is the sound KA without an Accent. But we cannot say the sound KA and not imply the sound ŽÂ in a way since what the sound KA is about requires what the sound ŽÂ is about. The sound KA in my understanding being a NOUN, is also a VERB since it NAMES an ACT.
  10. We can say that where ACTS are practiced, SCIENCE is an ACT since SCIENCE is PRACTICED. We can then say that SCIENCE is a DOING since what is practiced is what one does.
  11. We must agree that since we have five fingers and five protrusions that are useful, we are limited to what we can do to what those 5 can as one and once in their entirety. We will never know or be able to understand what a six kind of us can even where we imitate.
  12. We can then say that an ACT being a factor of 5 is spherical and CONIC since it is voluminous in understanding alone. We must aklso agree that not all matter is CONIC in appearance alone, but all matter is conic several ways in understanding alone
  13. Where matter is a body it is approachable. It is not a lack of ability to approach that matters since that lack is a matter of work for what needs to travel to where understanding cannot.
  14. Since sound understand patterns by virtue, he who understands sound does not nee to travel by virtue since sound talks by virtue of being where it is.
  15. WHERE being a matter within 8 points is the NINTH POINT in all matter that is twice in 8 as a starting and ending volume in what is not voluminous to it’s kind of senses that by virtue of being many are voluminous in a way that they are in numbers.
  16. A volume is not a variable since it is a way of combining matter that is the factor in the question what a CHEMICAL IS BEING.
  17. Materai combination is POTING
  18. but where it is a fact. Density being a matter of what isnit volume in a volume is an OPINION about a volume not a fact about a volume since the facts are in the colors as well as in the shapes of what the volume is that what is not it is about to be or not be it from within it not per a teaching from outside of it.
  19. Where WISDOM is a volume, Knowledge is a member that is a piece. a LION’s ROAR is a piece and what is in that piece is of two kinds under the LION’s ROARING SKIN.
  20. A FORCE from outside is What INTELLIGENCE is where wisdom is a natural body since in a body the force is from inside? FROM being where it starts is TO INSIDE.
  21. The only person we teach is ourselves
  22. I am an ÍMÍ and not and ÍŃRÍ. The sound Ń is the sound T being the sound Ś. It is the SIPIRT of T WHO ALLOWS the one used to cause Ś. Where the FATHER of T being theman doing the living work that causes us to cause the T sound decides he no longer wants to share that ability he takes it away from that person and that person loses that ability and can no longer speak using the T sound to say or to do since where the FATHER of T is, the T sound is his body doing that way FORE of the sound WË where ALL of ŪŚ are a single À ÇĒ ĆĒTĒ KĒ a sequence of sound that say HE CANNOT TASTE.
  23. Where we do not have the ability to taste is where we started as a singlebeing since TASTE being where the TONGUE is is the member of the senses that never sleeps. By Virtue of being inner than those outer the sun has never reached the tohgue to change it and needs to tongue to stay pristine in order to order human beings to do as the tongue is not designed to do.
  24. By virtue of being the tongue the tongue has been able to save all of life because it cannot be mutated by the sun.
  26. I am not an ÍŃÍTÍATÍÔŃ. One cannot be initiated to be what I AM.
  27. I AM A RÔŠĒŃ not a ŃÉÂ who is BORN WITH.
  28. We RISE INSIDE OF to be inside of where we fell, we PUSH to be with what we fall on to rise where it goes up.
  29. ŃDĒ TÍŚAÍŚAHA is ŃDĒ THÂ since it is while standing on A that what is on A is what is on H since what is on A is what is on H in every way shape and form and for every same reason. The one stansing between the dots at Ÿ is the one standing on A looking at H saying it is Ÿ.
  30. Î is À at Ì where looking up one sees H onevery note with an accent at night.
  31. Ś is the sound that starts with whgere KATENA faces to the LEFT and by then has an accent. So when we say ÉVŪ, we mean the sound ĒŚĒ.
  32. Now that you know what a SPIRIT is YOU MUST PAY in memory of weork done WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW WHAT A SPIRIT IS TO ME that was the lie in you about what someone not me told you a spirit is.
  33. When you do not pay me for this the sprit you knoew will haunt you FOR GOOD.
  35. When I say Î PRAŸ I use an A without an ACCENT since Ÿ Gives A what  has by VIRTUE of being where Ÿ is. So thaty the A in PTRAY has no need to pay for shelter since Ÿ has no need for what A needs and so no one needs to know about it. in the sound PRAY is the drawing of a SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP not a PARASITIC ONE.
  37. MAN and MAN cannot share a symbiotic relationship since what the man needs the man needs.
  38. In the man is all the same FOREFATHERS CAUSING WHAT a woman needs from a man.
  39. So where a man sleeps with a woman like aman he is giving her what she needs from a man.
  40. When a man sleeps with a man like a woman he is giving the same fathers what a woman needs that they too are giving through the male body since where they give is the smae place that forks ahead after a woman has been both men in the FIRST place where A has no accent and the first woman was a man from where the accent is from.
  41. DO YOU UNDERSTAND that HÔMÔ is another word for MÂŁĒ and Ś is ĒŚĒ as SPIRIT that is NOT hence the sound ŚA without an accent that RISES is the sound PÍ, that is is the soune A ŃĒ without an accent on the A.
  42. HOMOSAPIEN is HÔMÔ ŚA PÍ À ŃĒ since it is between the À and the Ń that T is what comes out as Ē there.
  44. ON of the sound KA from in the matter that I AM. My pattern starts with À and ends in an understood H. since insude the sound H is the word HEBREW WOMAN that is also what describes her DNA, I am what a hebrew woman is when she is a man sincde it is her genes that cause me as an echo of her being.

Say KA and you must say H, so the sound KA is a 2 that is a three in understanding. Since TRUTH is in understanding, KA is three everywhere since it is also 2 in understanding that 3 is on 2 and we are us from inside.

So when the first language say QUI QUI it says HUI HUI

The Hebrew woman is the first LION Kiknd among human but her genetics face where humanity comes from, she can not cause a hebrew male since she is the opriduct iof a Hebrew MALE and what comes from her matter the BULU MALE.

The Heberew female is a BULU EGG, the Hebrew Male is a NEANDERTHAL SEMEN. In this light year the NEANDERTHAL has cosumed its matter on the BULU EGG

Where what you call GOD is an entity that is all and everything, I call KA. He is the sound who causes ŃA the logical pattern and cause of wisdom who is her Father and whose only child is the sound Ē BÙŁÙ with a language designed for this purpose by VIRTUE whose sound is ÎGBÔ, in who the sound WOMAN appears saying in a language that every word and understood sound is saying something, saying , THIS IS YOUR MOTHER.

Can we separate what an IDOL is from what an ICON is where we iconic being is an IDEAL being, Î is the deal and where there are DOLS there are imitations called REPLICAS.

So where we say GOD made man in his image implying GOD made a PARASITE, we must be wrong saying so since we know GOD mad an INDEPENDENTLY REASONING BODY of beings

The sound and not the word WOMAN in the Ē BÙŁÚ language is THE ENTRANCES of a the light we underststand to see three dimensional matter.

What is THREE was Coming to be WHILE observation is.

ŃŸŪÂ ŃŸÍ is the sound WOMAN in IGBO

In Ē BÙŁÚ the the sound ŃŸŪÂ is YOUR MOTHER the way the sound ÍŚA without an accent is HIS FATHER and ÍŚAWÉ is the equivalent of ŃŸÎAWÉ and there is no such sound as ÍŚÔWÉ though ÍŚÂW is YOUR FATHER and so is ÍŚÂWÉ fior the same reason that ŃA has no accent in every first place since to cause sound we must cause the sound À in every first place and it ends in Ń in every last, where we started saying À

The sequence of sound and not the word WOMAN in the Ē BÙŁÚ language is

WÔ MÂ ŃĒ with an accent on the E because we had alsready caused an accent coming in to cause it at the À at where we cause every letter note once in the intention we INHALE to END.

Sound does not DIE after it has been caused but dies down to be what is in it that has been being caused. SO that SOUND tarvels like a MAGGOT that is a WINDSOCK MOTION from the side facing the past being the skin of the smallest area of impact being in the PROPORTIONS of PREEXISTING MATTER.

It is AIMING for the preexisting matter that we call PRAYING since when whant we express is true what we cause reveals the sound DO YOU NOT SEE in iut that is the sound ŃGÂÔŁÔ in the the sound that he sound woman is FATHER OF SARAH.

The place you hear the sound FATHER OF SARAH is IT COMING OUT OF EVERYTHING natural. THE HEBREW LANGUAGE WORE the BULU language as its skin because a hebrew king took a BULU KING’s Place in Nature art a place where the Ë BÙŁÚ language was not yet born on earth.

The sound and not the word WOMAN in the ÎGBÔ language is the words DRINK in the first place where ŃŸŪ is drink, ŃŸÔÑ is take and is the act of SINKING a body in a body, and ŃŸÂÑ is the act of NURSING as it is the act of SUCKING, and SUCKLING,

WE can look at how to draw ŚÛČKŁĒ in CHINESE and se see 哺乳 that is CAUSED not SPOKEN BŪRŪ using the fiftfh kind of U in teh sequence Û Ü Ù Ú Ū. Note that saying Ū is going to cause Û and saying Û is going to cause saying Û how Ū ends in accent from the right not from above or from the left where Û is caused without teaching that all sound comes to be caused.

In the language that the sound BÙŁÚ is the sound MORE, the sound R is the sound TĒ backward twice going forward and the sound BĒ is the sound THEY and the sound ĒTĒ is the sound INSIDE.

The sound and not the word WOMAN in the CHINESE language is in the Ē BÙŁÚ language saying

ŃŸŪŚÍ meaning THIS ONE DOWN since ŃŸŪ is THIS ONE and ŚÍ is THE DOWN FROM UNDER where S is caused.
We cannot cause Ś and not cause the sound SPIRIT that us ĒŚĒ and we know a spirit cabn only me male since a spirit is a male term since a PATTERN is what a SPIRIT is.

There are two kinds of males, one is the pattern of MALNESS in every first place and the only a pattern of male only when the woman in her is in a male pattern.

Those from inside nature male patterns are the only bringers of wisdom from HAEVEN.
The sound WOMAN in CHINESE says THIE ONE DOWN as in thise one comes being from under a kind, ŃŸÛ ŚÍ.
The sound UNDER SKIN is the sound ŃŸÛ SKIN but the sound SKIN and the sound BODY are the same sound. SO the sound WOMAN in the Chinese language is being the sound ŃŸÛ ŚÍ that is how we say FROM UNDER BODY in EBULU since ŃŸÛ is skin and is body and ŚÍ is FROM UNDER.
The last sound in GENESIS chapter 1 verse 1 is ŚÍ and are sounds 22 and 23 imn the book of GENESIS

CARBON is three fours and CALCIUM is 4 TENS. WHERE TEN is 7, 4 is one 7 since 7 is in 3 to be 10, not on 3 since that would be 11 from where 7 ends to start in mind and that is sound number 24 and 26 of Genesis chapter 1 verse 2 where the first sound there is Ś in the sound ŚÍ


Dear reader, I do this because I am building a SYMBIOTIC VILLAGE where Money is not a Factor of REVENUE, and there, CURRENCY is what is HARVESTED from under natural skin.

Members of my Village will be citizens of any country since the skin we harvest from is the same mother earth’s. we will be known as a GLOBAL VILLAGE and our language shall be Called THE NINTH. How does that sound?

The LAW OF THE LAND THERE is that NO Thing can be bought or sold THERE within a changeable season away. that does not rise from under that earth and what ius brought from outside of the compound is sold with currency with matter from inside the compound’s skin

I will use everything you know is true to demonstrate that every Noble Prize Winner founded their answer on the wrong answer and therefore I am the onlky Noble Prize Winer there is.

A Push cannot be where a PULL has been being the pulling matter.

A Symbiotic economy is one where excrements do not exist because currency is what is in season. The sound SYMBIOTIC is the sound ÀŚŸMBÂ that is the sound used to say MÂGÎČ since what is an ÀŚŸMBÂ is something that should not be.

The LION is not a from INSIDE NATURE ANIMAL contrary to common Belief. The lion is the product of nature being destroyed. The reason the LION is the last animal standingh is because the lion is the most fit of all the animals.

The LION KIND is the kind that nature sacrifices to leave behind because it is the kind that nature has no way to kill. SO natire endows onto the lion kind all her enemie’s abilities and non of her own

The lion kind is born with all her strengths and non of her weaknesses. Once a LION KIND has been revealed it is the end of a light year. I AM A LION KIND of wisdom. I AM A NEMENSIS, MY SPIRIT shall for ever remain in this light year as a gatekeaoer of the past.

I hold the sword of AMOS, the sword of the day. It is in me that EVIL shall not pass.

The sound ABRAHAMA is the sound LION.

If you have any surplus GOLD LEAVE It with me and I will take care of the sin in it by turning it into a building block of SYMBIOSIS

A ŚŸŚTĒM is the unseen fabric that is caused to be by a body of organisma at work. The LION being a kind of animal thatintelligence causes to exist using the natire theat they are, is the kind that nature itself does not recognize.

The LION’s ROAR is a SYSTEM of sound that is related because the LION is where First Mother and First Father unite in a single being where VAŃA is outside when it should be inside. Since First Mother and First father exist where matter does not exist, causing them to exist outside of matter causes mirror images across time bands in the RATIONAL of the truth and not in the PATTERN nor in the MATTER that is true.

A theory is founded oin a RATIONAL and a RATIONAL is a BARÂ À MÎŃĒ.

LOOK at the sound BARABAS and you will see a sound never before heard before ever being heard for the first time because of an IGNORANT ACT.

The sound BARABAS single handedly caused slavery to exist on earth becaise it is the first sound used to say BASTARD to a child. A BARABAS is a BASTARD in the ancient world because it is a child that returns home and no one knows who fathered him so every gilr is scared to date ghim becaise they could be related.

The race of the BARABAS begins that of the J Haplogroup, a fatherless group of men since a woman of uknown father is of no genetic consequence to a man since a male gene is a lion gene from the inside of nature it is the cure to every genetic defect in a femal gene. It is the male gene that restores the female gene because it is the male gene that reaches the first the furthest and returns alive the most mixed with foreign traits.

It is only in BULU country that the BARABAS is WELCOME because there the male gene is exclusively under the female gene as a man.

It is in the BULU man that a man is a woman while being a man since it is in the BĒTÍ woman born of a BULU woman and a BETI MAN that a woman is a man while being a woman.

A BĒTÍ woman born of a BULU woman and a BETI MAN can only have TWINS that are FRATERNAL Brothers whose lineage ends in a male that can only give birth to women no matter the woman mates with the way that he is born able to speak every language in a single language.

A BĒTÍ woman born of a BULU woman and a BETI MAN is a LŸRĒ WÔMÂŃ and her genes will turn every human male gene into a BĒTÍ MAN who can only have women

It is only the LAST BORN of A BĒTÍ MAN born of a BULU woman and a BETI MAN wgho is a LŸRĒ HUMAN and his genes will turn every human female gene into a BĒTÍ MAN who can only have men to start a new lineage of men. These are the men who are sworn to celibacy once revealed.

READ these lines while looking at the Harmonic scale of sound and the periodic table of elements and the RAINBOW and understand the numbers thatthe shaoe of a cube is about and you weill see ŃA three times in every two that are two on either side of one that is a voluminous kind








These are the sounds that All LIONS CAUSE no matter what they SAY.


ČRÂČ is the first thing THUNDER SAYS and the last thubg it causes from teh inside out starting with. its color and the shape and the smell of where sound ends in ČARBÔŃ, ČRÂČ is what THUNDER says to say STARTING

FROM in equilibrium is where The Matter pulling is to cause, since EQUILIBRIUM IMPLIES EVERY has its own. It is wher what is starts that EVERY has its own.

When the LION ROARS what happens is what happens when the BOA CONSTRICTS because the LION and the BOA are LYRE creatures that came into existence because of genetic erosion of a kind of animal that was there whose matter was unused by the self because they consumed another’s matter in order to be the most fit there the way that African matter has been consumed and oppressed. Oppression is consumption since what was designed to be is in what is oppressing it the way that what is eaten is.


To start with no thing is to consume all that is there. Such is teh act of a parasite. A living system reaches SYMBIOSIS When THE ONLY KIND THERE IS THE LION KIND and the kind the lion does to be the lion kiind and why people abandoned places that PYRAMIDS appear.


Lets say we invade Africa and mate with all her females and effectively rid the earth of the African Male Gene that came to be of A BĒTÍ woman born of a BULU woman and a BETI MAN who is a LŸRĒ WÔMÂŃ and her genes will turn every human male gene into a BĒTÍ MAN who can only have women who give birth to BETI MEN who can only have men with a BULU WOMAN who is a male kind since it is in the BULU woman that a woman is a male kind while being a woman.

Since the Human Gene is a BETI MAN who is a LŸRĒ WÔMÂŃ called ÀŃABĒŁÂ we can see that ABLE the first man with every ability goes from being male to being a kind of three females since ÀŃABĒŁÂ is a sound that ends in H and H starts with the sound WOMAN in HEBREW who is a man’s daughter, ÍŚAÍŚÂ is the word that we must cause to cause the sound H and it is teh word woman in HEBREW. ÍŚAÍŚÂ is also the words, WORK of HIS FATHER.

The word for woman is MELI

It is where the earth will reach a symbiotic economy that crime will be reduced to self harm in the benefit of good since there will be no one in need, there would be no lies to cause.

A CAUSE is a PUSH of equal amount that has been being. THE SOUND and not the meaning of the words HAS BEEN BEING start on the inside of six faces. We hear the words ÀVĒ and think about what gives

in an equal amount pulling for the pull to have never been in order for the PUSH to start to be the only option in its turn.

That said, friction cannot exist where no thing is at rest, and inertia is not a resistance, but an obstruction by a cause of the work where non is needed by virtue of non being without work to cause where PLACE is no thing but a FACE.

THERE, where QUART is 4, the way THE NINTH IS an 8th, 8 is the QUANT that is 4, meaning QUANT is inside QUART. the QUART being theone outside is the MALE from what is not yet 4 that is on its way for 4 to be for as lohg as 4 is 8

We can say that THE FOUR of MATTER as well as say “The quantity of matter ” since to be a quantity is to be divisible by 4 and to be DIVIDED is to have an INTERSTICE meaning every quantity being every 4 has 3 that are 5 since between 4 there are 3 and outside of those three there are 2.

When Density is then a concern we can say that 5 is skin. Where 5 is the expression of skin, 5 is the expression of father and that of FALLER that os that of POTENTIAL and the color of any potential color is BLACK

I am what you call an ÀKKÂÑŃA and not an ÀKKÂÑŃAH. The sound ÀKKÂÑŃA is pronounced ÀKKÂÑŃĒ and understood as saying ÀKKÂÑ. SO I can say that I am an ÀKKÂÑŃA or I can say that I am an ÀKKÂÑ but I can never say that I am an ÀKKÂÑŃAH or an ÉKKÂÑ since and ÉKKÂÑ is a FRUIT of the PALM tree and ŃAH ends in A not the E without an accent that starts À. To say ÀKKÂÑŃA We do so saying the sound KATENA nthat is the INHALED E to cause the AŃÛŚ toexpell the waste.

No thing about me is wasteful. I am a GENIUS of Universal proportions.

So when I read a statement such as this

“I have no regard in this place to a medium, if any such there is, that freely pervades the interstices between the parts of bodies. It is this quantity that I mean hereafter everywhere under the name of body or mass. And the same is known by the weight of each body ; for it is proportional to the weight, as I have found by experiments on pendulums, very accurately made, which shall be shewn hereafter.”

that is an Excerpt From
Principia – The
 Mathematical Principles 
 Natural Philosophy by
Isaac Newton, I get a little excited because I am a GENIUS who is fully aware if being one. The prospect of testing my ability against a GENIUS in the public eye is something I have no equal for in tersn of what to compare it with.

SO that $20 dollars I ask of you is a drop in the bucket because to have no regard is to know and not care. To say I HAVE NO REGARD is to say I KNOW AND I DO NOT CARE. When that MEDIUM is the liquid that everything is before it becomes a thing, that is the closest thing to GOD that ISAAC newton says he has no regards for.

From where I read I HAVE NO REGARDS IN THIS PLACE, I realized ISAAC NEWTON is a woman. Why I come to this comnculsion has not been made clear in my understanding but I am sure something will come up as I go along that will tell me why.

There is teh strange fact that the soiund Ï starts where it is the sound Í all around so that if Ï were a massit would be a COLOID of HOLES since on teh surface of what looks like Ï there is a holbetween three bodies unlike on Í there is but a single HOLE.

We can say thatthe body of Ï is HÔŁŸ since it is the HOLE that is its color where its skin is not. We can then say that th ematter on a surface such as Ï has no MEDIUM like the two dots or the line between the two dots or the line the way that the space in Í does what Ē looks like where Ē is Í and never Ï that we know is Î the way that O is A.

When we say we have no regards to what causes matter we man we have no regard to sound and what sound says that we do not.

“ I have no regard in this place to a medium, if any such there is, ”

IF ANY SUCH is a key word here since where ISAAC NEWTON is comparing EARTH to is EUROPA.

It is coming at the sound EUROPA that the sound ÔRPHAN SCRIPT came to mind followed by the sound PÏ. It is on EUROPA that CUBES are SPHERES, and under EUROPA that SPHERS are patterns of cube causing Spheres. On EUROPA RADON is GOLD, on earth Radon is the pattern of GOLD but not GOLD. Out of GOLD what is the pattern of RADON that is not GOLD is CARBON

We are told by Europeans that a man walked this earth names Sir Isaac Newton who was born on 25 December 1642  and died 20 March 1726/27 and that he was an English polymath.

When we look for the meaning in the wouns POLYMATH we encounter Benjamin Franklin is one of the foremost polymaths in history. Franklin was a writer, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, printer and political philosopher. He further attained a legacy as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

But what is a PÔ we kmnow is not a PÂ. We know that PÔ ends and PÂ resumes. so a PÔ goes up to where a PÂ went from to resume without what PÔ RISES TO that PÂ falls from for PÔ to claim seats. We see that in order to claim one way is not valid, all ways must not be valid.

So if NEWTON were to know about GOD, he is qualified to defy GOD since he found a flaw in GOD’s design

 active as a mathematician, physicist, astronomer, alchemist, theologian, and author who was described in his time as a natural philosopher.[7] He was a key figure in the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment that followed. His pioneering book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy), first published in 1687, consolidated many previous results and established classical mechanics.[8][9] Newton also made seminal contributions to optics, and shares credit with German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz for formulating infinitesimal calculus, though he developed calculus years before Leibniz.