Chapter 1, THE NINTH

I am aware of a state of sanity.

DEAR READER, This post is about humanity’s very own language called THĒ ŃÍŃTH. A universal language caused from the inside of matter. We cause it as we go about the business called LÍ FĒ, a sound that literally draws what the words OTHER WORD draws, except the OTHER that is FĒ being the ŁÍ that is LIVING not the ŁË whose Í is Í that is a non living entitity lacking the Ÿ instruction in its GENESIS Code.

Being Caused it is spoken from the inside of matter by what causes it both OBJECTIVELY and FIGURATIVELY and without regards to the matter since its cause is the same,

This page is about that language every one is causing without regards to what they say, or do. It is the language that matter causes to express itself to matter wether it be figurative or objective matter.

When asked what is the differebnce between the two one would say one we take at face value the other we take at argumentative value. WHen asked what is an argument we claim what we say is fact and not the truth since to claim the truth is to state, and the argument is to make a statement that states.

The one MAKING the ARGUMENT needs INGREDIENTS to MAKE the ONE LISTENING a BRIDGE to come to a conclusion. The one stating implies the read is at the conlcusive state

The language I am talking about is true since it is being caused by the same set of motions and acts that have been being since the beginning of all matter. The language has been using the same matter in understanding the same facts in the same reality for as long as reality has been not being to being it.

Since language was for the matter we understand with it to be, the matter we understand with it has been being.

What I am talking about is not a language per what moderns understand language is in relations to communication, but it is a language in terms of THE expression of THE FIRST INSTANCE of WISDOM whose logical pattern is ŃA. In other words I want to show you that all human beings and all of matter is causing the language whose sequence of notes is the BIBLE.

The language os born of the sound ŃA without an accent on the A, and a from the inside of the only matter that is caused on the A for being first on what is not an accent or a note. We can observe in nature that a Shadow becomes what causes it the way that it goes to not be.

It is by virtue of sound not being that the first letter in the alphabe has an accebnt in every first place.

What DENTS sound in the ifrst place is not sound but what has the ability to cause sound to do what is not sound like that is sound

This makes the sound ŃA the shortest 2 syllabus sound since every element expressed is the expression of a thing it is not. Therefore we can say that this page is about a Language whose name is THE NINTH whose body is the 5 members that are the expression ŃA.

What the page is about and WHY it is an expression of me is due to a series of choices that I have made ina life time that lead me here where you have encountered me this way. THIS WAY being in this writing or, through this writing, or as expressed by this writing one way or the other that no other human or thing in the universe could express but me.

CAESAR being the one I have to pay to bring this to you is the reason I ask you to donate to me in an amount that you see fit per your purse, and the memory of your work held in what you donate to me as a gift for bringing this information to you

I am writign these things these things to raise money in order to create a symbiotic community for the native speakers of Humanity’s language called THE NINTH. It is the language that every causable word is founded on and theequence of sounds that AUTHORS EVERY HOLLY BOOK and every Ancient Scripture whose purest form is in t he Bible where It came to rest after haven been causing the KÛŁÂŃ through the Book of Genesis. It is what is in the Book of Genesis is from the IN SIDE out that is the KORANIC Language, and the way and reason the Bible is written is the way and reason the KORAN was written from a different cause to the same reason.

In the Biblical Language, the sound ARABIC is the sound ÀTÂBÎČĒŚ. Of many harmonies about the same logical pattern ĒBÙŁÚ, the sequence of sound ÀTÂBÎČĒŚ draws in understanding, the English sequence of words, UNDERSTANDING of those that are ÎČĒŚ. The SOUND ÎČĒŚ is the sound UNRIPE as in a GREEN FRUIT.

From my understand of what is in the body of the way of thinking like other people before other that uses the sound Science, for the words UNDERSTANDING OF THE UNRIPE as in a FRUIT to be about the humans that USE the sequence of sounds called ARABIC it must imply there is something EARLY in Human HIstiry about the ARABIC PEOPLE that is njot about OTHERS and that is in their UNDERSTANDING since those that are not ÎČĒŚ must have another kind of what ÀTÂ is that is not UNRIPE as in a FRUIT.

What is not UNRIPE as in FRUIT can only be a ripe fruit since it is in the ripe fruit that the seed is being a kind of ripe fruit. SO when we call the ARABIC language THE UNDERSTANDING of the UNRIPE FRUIT of Humanity what can this possibly mean about the HOLY KORAN?

There is a FACT we must consider about he Language called the Ninth that we must HEED to prior to talking about passing on awards, and giving people money for revealing matters related to it. It is the only HOLY language. If you use it for profit, it will literally turn you into what your profit is about. It does not matter if you belive in GOD, or if you knew this about it.

GOD is PURE IGNORANCE, he has absolutely no care for what is not GOD and steps on it as if it does not exist. So looking for PROOF of GOD in what I say is a waste of time since all that I say is proof of GOD. God is WITHOUT MERCI since to have MERCI one must have sympathy and empathy for what is not true.

I do not do this to raise awareness because those I talk to have known what I am saying, they simol,y have never heard it said another way to know what they were hearing themselves saying. It is where what is true in what I say that is true in what they say that they

I speak the language that what you know the sound GOD draws causes. To start I would like to Draw that language for you and it wil tell you for yourself what it is and more. That why when I refer to it as GOD’s Language you know what IT is and WHAT GOD IS the way that I do.

Think Hieroglyphics using sound notes as you tag along in my reasonming the shape of what the 5 Notes GÔD where / is one note, and \ the other that is on O in GÔD

First let us DEFINE, meaning let us DRAW the sound MATTER using notes in what the noise SOUND is about.

A sound like a note, is a body that spans from starting inside, to the inside of a start , and a Body is of information THE WAY that it is of similar matter. THE WAY is not material but a matter of fact. We can then say that sound is information THIS WAY that is not THAT WAY but BOTH WAYS can only be about the same sound.

Take all the matter you know and hold it in one hand. Compress it from six sides, and you will have a cube with no seams andf a dimension of no number, since there will be no matter like it outside of it.

So now answer this, is the earth Flat or Round Where it is expanding while contracting to a cube?

Where what you end with in hand is a cube, all the matter in it can only be in the shape of a cube. Hence the only dimensional shape there is, is that of a cube. We must the conclude knowing we are claiming the truth that is why the5e can be no such thing as an IRRATIONAL NUMBER, an incomplee thought or an ALIAN BEING since whatr is ALIEN is not native.

WHAT Then is NATIVE becomes the question for GOD. Since there can be no such thing as what is, that is not a cube, work has a cubic component that is not an odd number.

Where WORK has a CUBIC component that is not an odd number, the transitioning state of potential to cause being HERE, HERE, and HERE is 12, 12, 12 since CUBIC WISE, where 1 is any, the cube of all matter is the body of all matter measurable in relation to that matter whose 12 is of a 1 that no other is.

A theory of relativity requires that what is being related have been beeing one thing. It is the relationship to a KING that determines nationality where the sound ŃA refers top a Paternal anything

Can there be a push from inside of ŃA, where no matter in it is not from A FATHER pulling to be HIMSELF from what is not HIM?

I read the BIBLE in ways that no human I KNOW HAS, Not haven experienced all humans, I have no way to claim I read the BIBLE in ways that no human CAN. No Human I know knows what I know. No HUMAN I KNOW KNOWS. THAT I KNOW OF being the operative, is the NO part.

I speak a language that I can only say I have been speaking since I have caused it from where I am aware of being matter. I have caused it in A WAY unique to my persective into what I AM looking into we call ÛŃÎVĒRŚĒ ÛŃDĒ from what is EARTH MATTER.